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Arizona and Illegals…on my Mind! :)
June 2, 2010, 10:05 pm
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It never ceases to amaze me, how when the “Foxes” are caught in the “Hen House,” they always try to “run” quickly out of sight and point fingers and deflect…running away and leaving a trail of “who done it,” behind them!

Here we are in America…a very big mess and financial crisis for many of us. As I see it, and as I “saw” it coming…it is Easy To Blame – but Who?

Best thing to do when you are facing a problem is to ask the “Professional.” Yes, that is correct. When you need dental treatment, you go to the dentist, and when you need your car fixed, you go to a mechanic…as well, when you want the government and businesses to run…you go to your boss or our Leaders and that leads to my points, below:

First things first…

1. Who left with  all our money?

2. Who are the people in charge blaming or are trying to blame? 

3. Did they ask a “Professional” for that advice on where to point a finger?

4. Did we “Forget” Why we Voted in President Obama and are We Supporting him?

 Well, I am a Certified Social Worker, trained in social welfare, and No One asked me anything about my thoughts on who to blame or even how to fix it! Why would they ask me, when I would state the Truth?  They pay Social Workers, teachers and laborers a minimum to take care of people and make sure there are no jobs for their thoughts…that is why we need Unions Lets face it –  “some bosses and government officials” can “deflect” onto Us – the massess- All Types of BLAME…and  that it is “Anyone  – but Them!”

So, here we are, faced with legislation in Arizona on Illegal Aliens…and I have also heard that several other states are on this “hot topic” as well! What a Wonderful “Scapegoat! ” You see… it “can’t be them!”  Since every story needs an ending and the “villain” must be forsaken…it is always those of US, who are “way down!” So, let’s all get Mad and blame all our problems now on the “Illegal Aliens!”

Folks, wake up! Hold all these government officials and bosses accountable for their actions and tell them that, in all essence, we ALL ARE REALLY Illegal, Anyway…for this Land was Not Ours to begin With! All people want anywhere is three squares and Love and Security for their Family! The World’s Leaders need to start caring for their people in every country, so that we can all start living in Peace! And May I add…so to, does America and its Leaders, need to be held Accountable for what they have led us into…No Real Solutions on the issues they created..and blaming the Poor and Vulnerable!

We Must stand up and support our President and his efforts and do not allow anyone to try to blind sight us into any type of notion that we are Ignorant to their intentions to “deflect” from their own greed or lack of ability to lead!

Here is to Yours and All Others…Great Health!

Laurie D. Lundquist, LCSW-R


Wake up Sisters…It came from the Big Dog! :)
June 1, 2010, 6:24 pm
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Once you start travelling down a road, sometimes you don’t know where it is going to take you! And speaking of travelling, I always found “Time” to be a fascinating topic…especially, the calendar and observant holidays and such! I really enjoy Halloween. It is one of the days, you can dress in any way you choose – A monster, a goblin, a princess, a warrior…whatever…and people do not discriminate against you for it, they actually reward you and give you Candy! 🙂

I’ve been completing a lot of research lately, trying to figure out where to put my energy and help those in need. Since I am a woman and know these issues very well…obstacles, difficulties, strengths…I started with my own thoughts on oppression and looked out into the world. What I found just really made me cry. Women in this world are not “one” down, we are “Way down!”

There are many types of oppression out in the world as it relates to women…and it comes from many, many, places…old books written by men, religious interpretation, tightly held beliefs not based on factual information, ignorance, etc., etc.  All from a variety of places and people…women and men alike. Yes folks, there is nothing worse than being a woman and also being against women…happens all the time.

There is female infanticide, genital mutilation, 9.6 million women missing in Asia, sex slaves, sexual abuse, forced and arranged marriages, child brides, laws that do not allow women to go anywhere alone, or even drive a car! This is obscene! So I ask why? And, why have we continually allowed this to continue in our world!

There is an underlying deep-rooted problem in our world…and it continues like an undetected and untreatable disease…It is called chauvinism! The other day I was searching for information and found a great deal of disparity on the treatment of women in places in the world that hold tightly to Sharia Laws. Some of the information was graphic and disgusting. Women getting stoned, beaten, sold, all kinds of nonsense! I even came across a website where women are ridiculing the Sharia Law and the treatment of women…but what is it really…the law or the people who interpret the law?

That is the million dollar question. My research is not complete…but one thing is for sure. It is time to wake up and my thoughts were countered by a strong and intelligent man who just frankly stated…”Wake up women…it is male chauvenism…and we need to work side by side.!

Plain and simple  – and it came from a “Big Dog.” A Big Dog in America is defined as a Great Man! No need to say more and all the little dogs know it!

We need more “Big Dogs” in this world…and Women who know they should be treated like Queens!

We need to start moving on Human Rights and we need to support our sisters!

Here is to You and Your Great Health. Have a Love-ly Day!

Time to Make the Donuts… :)
May 28, 2010, 2:16 pm
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It was the oddest thing…and I can’t forget it to this day. It was May of 1997, and I was walking from one building to another heading into Lincoln Center, New York City. It was a very hot day and I was in my cap and gown…graduating from Fordham University, Graduate School of Social Service. One of the proudest days of my Life!

As I was walking that path, to shine in the lights on Lincoln Center Stage, a man and his companion, caught my eye and smiled and congratulated me. I will never forget that…For, that man was Michael Vale…and he was famous for the Dunkin Donuts Commercial and the saying…”Its Time to Make the Donuts.”

As proud as I was on that day, his memory and his grinning smile, symbolized something very deep inside of me! Graduating from one of the most prestigious colleges, honored to serve those in need, a mission and a vision…strong willed, a fighter and Great Determination…I always held…the belief of “helping” and caring for all people!

I have been trained well, there is no doubt, but no one can do it alone. We all need each other…so very much. Unity in numbers, the right to create positive change for all people in a caring and compassionate way. So, today, as I ponder…I know in my Heart – It is definitely time to “Make the Donuts!”

Here is to your Great Health and those around You. Give according to your Heart and Vision for the continued development of Humanity and Love!

Regards for a Love-ly Day!

Laurie D. Lundquist, LCSW-R

How Common is “Common,” Really?
May 25, 2010, 12:55 am
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Well, once again, it was an absolutely Beautiful Day up here in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Up here, it is very “common,” to see Beauty… “everywhere!”

Earlier in the day, I drove to my son’s cottage on Galway Lake, New York, and that also,  was just sooooo very Beautiful.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t home, but I let myself in, and saw the “not so beautiful,” as he didn’t wash the dishes, and there was a trail of clothes everywhere…not so common a sight when he was growing up at home; but, one time I did ask a colleague if he thought my son had ADHD, and he said…”No, he probably just needs a wife!”  🙂

In any event, it all made me think of thoughts on what is common…really? Common is something that we all should have in common, right?  Since most humans are born, bleed and die…that is common. Since according to Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs…food, clothing and shelter are basic needs, I would suppose all of us would think that we should all have these things in “common;”  But alas, do we, really?

According to bread for the world: “1.02 billion people are hungry. Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes. That’s one child every five seconds. According to Inter Press Service, while around 100 million have no housing whatsoever, over one billion people on the planet lack adequate housing. According to my own reflection, either many children don’t have coats or due to being “stylish,” don’t want to wear them in the winter…why, I have even seen children dressed in shorts and riding bicycles in the snow! And just as well, I have seen others in 100 degree weather conditions, dressed from head to foot in coverings.

So, I must question…What is it really, that is common? There are words like Common wealth, Common bonds, Common beliefs, Common Sense…Yet, the last word – “Common Sense,” seems to be lacking when we tend to think of what is common!

Think about it.!

How Common is “Common,” Really? We need to start  thinking more about that and – living… for Common Sake and Common Sense!

Have a Love-ly Day, to your Great Health…and Give your time, donations, and assistance, accordingly – to those “common” issues that surely bother your common sense!

Laurie D. Lundquist, LCSW-R

Humanity, Culture and our World…putting it our there!
May 21, 2010, 12:40 am
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It never ceases to amaze me, how from our own misconceptions or beliefs, we tend to define “Culture” to sometimes overlook “Humanity!”

There are 30 Well Thought Out “Rights,” set forth in the Declaration of Human Rights, which were adopted by the United Nations over 62 years ago (of which many countries still need to adopt). They are very important, and you can access them easily via Google.  They need to be passed, and in my opinion… yesterday!

So, here I sit and type, for all the world to see…and “Yes,” I am going to “Put It Out There,” for you to think about. 

 People  who know me personally will tell you I don’t have a trace of bias or discrimination in my body…and that can be seen as far back as high school…just ask!  To define someone, I don’t see  the color of a persons skin, I don’t see rich or poor, I don’t see  aspects of stereotypes…

I Love to See – Beauty…True Beauty…and that comes from the Heart! What matters to me is not what you wear or look like, but who you are in your Heart and how you treat others…because no one is better or worse than any other, unless of course we look at our clothes, the food we have – or don’t, and what, if any, access to  medicine’s and cures that can save our lives!

“Yes,” I Love Culture, and being American…I have running through my veins, many differing cultures of Ancestry; but One thing runs with Truth…I am a Human Being and I am a Woman.  I have Seen and Felt, sometimes – the not so nice of being a human being and a woman…in particular when I, myself have not been treated equally in intellect, left behind, not chosen, or even pawed at because I may be looked at as a sex object or depository for sex instead of respect.

Make no mistakes, I don’t pretend to be as strong as some men, and I don’t pretend that I do not expect to be treated like a “Lady,” because I very much know I may not be able to lift heavy rocks, and I certainly love the man who wants me to feel special and opens my car door!

As I said – I Love Culture – I Love being a Woman, and with that “Beauty,” that I find within myself to be Alive at this very moment, I must say that all “Cultures” must learn to adapt to True Beauty…and that is A Woman’s Way, alongside a Man.

Treat me like a Lady, and treat each of my sisters the same, and from that very Grace, we all will learn you how very much, we adore – Gentlemen!

Our Future as a World not only depends on this “balance,” so does the existence of Love and…Humanity!

Have a Love-ly Day, and Kind Regards to Your Great Health!

Laurie D. Lundquist, LCSW-R

Tell Me – Why?
May 5, 2010, 2:24 am
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What is Humanity?

I asked myself this question as I swiftly drive my car down the paved glistening black tarred road…seeing all the fences posted in between all the houses that just seem to blend together in the wind – as I Travel.

“Fences make good neighbors” some say, while those at the opposite side of the spectrum say that more “bridges” need to be created.

The problem with all of it, or any of it… is that nothing ever is static and nothing stays the same. I wonder- is it the Law of Karma, the swing of the Pendulum or just time – travelling?

So, just what is it?                                                                              What is “Humanity” like for each and every one of Us and… how do we define “Human?”

I explained to someone a few weeks ago, that we are all born, bleed and die! Three traits we “All” have in common!

As I Stop and sit… idle in my car I begin to unbuckle my seat belt. I wonder – I really just wonder – what is “Humanity?”

Love Gives Hope and Hope Gives Love.

Start simple, think Big and be Kind – for Each Other!

Have a Great Day…


Your Health and Wellness
April 30, 2010, 3:55 am
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Travelling Abroad?

You, Others and Malaria

Living in the United States, I have rarely had a fleeting thought of just what Malaria is, until recently, when I was planning a trip abroad and my Doctor requested that I get some necessary shots and take certain pills with me. Frankly, the thought didn’t really cross my mind that I must be careful and prepare myself from certain diseases and illnesses that can be spread, but are indeed preventable.

Since many of us in the world do travel, I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to do some research on just what Malaria is, how it can be prevented and who it can effect. If you are interested, continue reading, as I Love to share!

Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite which is transmitted to people through a Mosquito bite. It is widespread in subtropical and tropical regions. It is more prevalent in Africa, but also is found in “Asia, Latin America, and to a lesser extent the Middle East and parts of Europe are also affected. In 2008, malaria was present in 108 countries and territories.” (World Health Organization).

According to the Wikipedia, each year, approximately 350 – 500 million people become infected with Malaria. Symptoms resemble the flu, and can include: Fever, headache, nausea, anemia, chills, etc. In Africa, a child dies every 45 seconds of Malaria and it is the cause of 20% of all childhood deaths! Transmission depends on climate, rainfall patterns, humidity and temperature, and a variety of other factors including the season, and sometimes right after a rainfall. Epidemics can and do occur and people’s immunity may depend on age and exposure.

Malaria is preventable. Transmission can be reduced by preventing mosquito bites. This can be done by the distribution of inexpensive mosquito nets and insect repellents. Vaccines to prevent Malaria are being developed, but are not yet available. There are Malaria pills to assist you with prevention of this disease, therefore, if you are travelling abroad, it is a necessity that you read further on this disease (or any others). Contact your physician for further instructions.

This article is not inclusive of the entirety of Malaria. I suggest you read further on this topic, so you may enjoy your vacation, business trip, or donating to assist with the elimination of this or any other treatable disease!

Kind Regards for a Love-ly Day, filled with your Great Health!

Laurie D. Lundquist, LCSW-R